Indoor Air Quality

The measurement of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) levels within a room is a proven and effective method for assessing the fresh air movement within an occupied space. High CO₂ levels suggest limited fresh air movement and in turn increased risk of infection from airborne viruses like COVID-19 and Influenza. When combined with ventilation systems, the monitoring of CO₂ levels will reduce the risk of infection from airborne viruses.


  • Real time indoor air quality readings
  • CO₂, temperature and relative humidity reading displayed locally
  • Simple installation for new and existing buildings
  • Historical data recording via the cloud
  • Immediate alerts via SMS and email
  • Remote login to the cloud from any internet location
  • IOS and Android phone app
  • 24/7 remote access to secure and safe data
  • Elegant and robust design suitable for indoor applications
  • Available in wired or wireless options


Get control of
your CO₂ levels


Never has indoor air quality been such an important issue.

Monitoring CO₂ levels is a proven method for measuring indoor air quality. All Life Data offers an innovative CO₂ monitoring system designed to provide real time CO₂ measurements within a variety of indoor applications. From small single office spaces through to large multi workplaces facilities, All Life Data can provide a solution that will give you the information you need to maintain safe indoor CO₂ levels 24/7.


Why try All Life Data Indoor CO₂ Monitoring System?


What’s Included?

Indoor Air Quality

CO₂ Sensor

Local display for CO₂, temperature and relative humidity
Safe low voltage and easy to install
Sensor relay output for optional fan or exhaust control, alarm notification or combination
Smart sensor technology suitable for small standalone or large networked applications
Available in wired or wireless options
(Features may vary between systems)


Data Logger 

Real time data collection
Reliable and secure 4G modem, not reliant on Wifi networks
Optional external screen for real time display of key data and alarm conditions
Internal data storage for up to three weeks in case of network outages with automatic upload to cloud once the communications are regained
The option for additional inputs, including energy, water or environmental systems


All Life Data Cloud

24/7 Real time data display (30 min increments)
Alarm notifications via SMS and email
Historical analysis and downloadable reports
Multiple users with modified login options
Multiple sites from a single portal
Secure login from any internet location


All Life Data App

All Life Data Phone App

Available on iOS and Android
Instant access to real time data and alarms from your smartphone
No additional charge to base Cloud subscription
Alarm notifications via SMS and email
Multiple sites from a single login
Secure and reliable


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